Mini Aqua Park Water Slides, ”New Passion of Children”

Karmod Plastic continues to be the pioneer brand of its sector with innovation products since 1986. Mini pool water slide, which has been developed by Karmod Plastic’s R&D department, has been the new summer fun for children.

Karmod water slides offer a safe aqua playground for children's entertainment. It can be placed easily at pools of villas and private sites. Polyester (fiberglass) is lightweight and can be transported to other places easily.

Mini aqua action slides are manufactured in two different models and multiple color options are available thanks to the special mould systems of Karmod.

Karmod Water Slides are designed especially for 2-4 year old and 5-7 year old children so that they experience the fun of water sliding in the gardens or pools of their houses, villas etc with safe.

You can conquer your kid’s heart by Karmod’s water slides with affordable prices.

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