All of our products are under Karmod’s warranty for 2 years against manufacturing defects.

It is recommended to support the tank with a surrounding ring in case of storage of material with higher density than that of water.

Karmod also gives technical service support in case of failures due to misuse and for the tanks of which the warranty period expired.

A sufficient empty space should be availabe around the tank for maintenance or reparement.

Important points to be considered in order to keep our tanks under warranty;

  • During the delivery process, the customer should be sure that there is no sharp or piercing material such as stones, burrs etc. at the field that the tank will be unloaded from the vehicle.
  • In case of unloading process with a forklift, the forks of the forklift should not damage the tank during unloading process.
  • When unloading a high volume tank (20000L or above), a crane should be used.
  • When unloading the tank from the vehicle, the outlet fittings should not be smitten or the tank should not be laid down on the outlet fitting (may result in cracks and leakages).
  • Tanks should be assembled and installed by specialized staff.
  • The outlet fittings should not be tightened more than required (the seal may be damaged).
  • It should be ensured that installation and connections are done correctly.
  • The tank should be installed on a firm and smooth ground. In case of installation on a platform, the surface of the platform should not be reticular and the platform should be linaged by a water gauge.
  • Activities which may damage the tank (welding, grinding etc. near the tank) should be avoided.
  • Sudden impacts on the tank (especially when it is filled) should be avoided. Especially the impacts on high volume tanks when they are filled may lead to outbursts which may result in serious material damages, injuries on death.
  • No weight or loads should be put on the tank.
  • When the tank is filled nobody should climb on it or no operations should be carried out on it.
  • When the tank is filled it should not be moved or pulled up.
  • In case of necessities for maintenance or reparement inside the tank, it should be discharged and the staff inside the tank should be careful not to be short of air.
  • No weight of loads should be put on the outlet fittings or connections.
  • In case that heating equipment such as resistances are used inside the tank, it should be ensured that the heaters do not touch the tank.
  • Products should not be used out of heat ranges that are specified by Karmod. Polyethylene material may expand or shrink due to temperature changes and climatic conditions. This situation does not indicate a manufacturing defect, it is related to the structural specification of polyethylene material.
  • The materiald which is stored inside the tank should be congruent with the material of the tank, outlet fittings and the seals.
  • The products should be used for the purpose only that is intented during manufacturing process.
  • The damages or cracks on the tank due to natural disasters (earnthquake, fire, floods etc.) are out of warranty.

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