Polyethylene Plastic Traffic Barriers

Our plastic traffic barriers are manufactured as per the dimensions and colours that are specified by legar authorities and can be transported easily thanks to its light structure. Our road barriers facilitate to seperate or to pedestrianize roads, to make roundabouts thanks to the intermesh lock system of our road barriers. Our road barriers can be immobilized when they are filled with water from the inlet hole.

You can use our road barriers for many years without any failures because they are not affected by cold – warm climatic conditions. The areas that our road barriers are commonly used are traffic patrols, traffic directorates of municipalities, road construction and maintenance works, police control points, airports, shopping malls, autoparks etc.

Polyethylene road barrier dimensions :

There are 2 different models

1. Small roadblock
Width: 42.5 cm
Long: 100 cm
Height: 52.5 cm

2. Big roadblock
Width: 42.5 cm
Length: 150 cm
Height: 52.5 cm

" Plastic Traffic Barriers Proposal Form "

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