Karmod's Polyethylene Calf Hutches

Karmod is a manufacturer of modern calf hutches for the new born calves at industrial breeding farms in order to provide them hygienic living quarters.
In the course of design process of Karmod’s calf hutches, all details required by the infant calf during the first four months are taken into account. Each detail for the comport of the young calf such as an ergonomic home range, adjustable air ventilation apertures, secure metal fence, manger, waterer, haypot and polyethylene shader are taken into consideration.
Karmod satisfies the demands and inquiries from industrial breeding farms for calf hutches and huts in a short delivery time period with its high manufacturing capacity thanks to its modern full automatic manufacturing lines.

calf hutches

Basic Advantages of Karmod’s Calf Hutches;
• 100% recyclable, U.V. stabilized linear polyethylene.
• Extra protection with thickened ceiling, thanks to our special moulding technique.
• Protection against infections and diseases.
• Protection against harsh climatic conditions.
• Hygienic, dry, healthy and comfortable home range for the calves.
• Secure home range with metal fence.
• Protection against sun and rain with polyethylene shader.
• Smooth, odourless and easily cleanable polyethylene surface.
• Optimal dimensions for nurture up to 10 weeks.
• Controllable ventilation with adjustable ceiling and back side apertures.
• Feeding bottle and four-stage adjustment feature as per physical development of infant calf.
• Easy transportation with intertwinement stacking.
• Relevant cost.

Calf Hutches

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