Karmod, the pioneer brand of rotomolding sector in Turkey with its experience since 1986, is proud to launch its new generation polyethylene pedal boat.

Karmod polyethylene pedal boat, alias polyethylene paddle boat is superior among its peers thanks to its quality, fine details, surface finishing and functionality.

Karmod’s Pedalo is equipped with a new generation paddle wheel. It is always safe and comfortable on seas, lakes, ponds, pools, lagoons and people from all ages will enjoy Karmod’s paddle boat. Peculiarly, it has an ergonomic design of seats and back rest parts so that everybody can ride it by a great comfort. By this means, it has become a widely preferred boat in European countries.

It is UV stabilized so it is not affected by sun light. It is resistant against sea water. It can be cleaned with ease. It can be manufactured in various colours.

Basic specifications of Karmod’s pedal boats:

  1. 4 person capacity.
  2. Safe and fast movement ability with its new generation paddle system.
  3. Foot well drains agains accumulation of water and dirt inside the boat.
  4. Double walled. Impact resistant and exceptional durability.
  5. Special base structure that enables the boat to move efficiently across the water.
  6. Ergonomic design that facilitats easier entry and exit from the deck.
  7. Easy re-entry from water with its rear swim step.
  8. Light weight so that it can be launched onto and pull out from the water easily.
  9. Beverage holder pockets.

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