GRP modular tank, is the name of the system in which high volumes of liquids (200000 liter, 300000 liter etc) can be stored. GRP modular tank can be assembled in averywhere outdoors or indoors because it is delivered in unassembled form and it is assembled on field.

Main superiorites of GRP modular tank are its being corrosion resistant, 4 seasons heat insulation, high impact resistance, water tightness, high volumetric tonnage and long life. Karmod is the correct address for GRP Modular Tanks.

GRP Modular Tanks can be used as;

  • Potable Water Storage Tanks
  • Rain Water Harvesting Tanks, Well Water Tanks, Sea Water Tanks
  • Reverse-Osmosis Water Tanks (water with high or low conductivity)
  • Fire Reserve Storage Tanks, Swimming Pool Balance Tanks
  • Distillation and Process Tanks
  • Septic Tanks and Sewage Tanks
  • Industrial Process Tanks, Chiller Water Tanks, Cooling Tower Water Tanks
  • Hot Water Storage Tanks and Chemical Substance Storage Tanks
  • Agricultural Irrigation Tanks.

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