Our fiberglass sectional water tanks are advantageous products as being preproduced by Karmod quality at our facilities and assembled on-site by our specialized technicians. On-site assembled tanks offer advantages such as easy and economical transportation. In addition to that, on-site assembled tanks make it possible to instal high volume tanks at places with narrow entrances or at basement floors of buildings.

Firstly, our specilialized technicians design the project as per the volume of the tank and area of use. Then, the parts of on-site assembled tanks are manufactured at our modern facilities by applying some special reinforcement methods. Finally, the parts are transported to the customer’s site and they are assembled at site in order to form a tank ready to use. Social facilities, municipal water conditioning units, hydrophore units at apartment basements, militarial facilities, drop irrigation systems can be counted as some places where our on-site assembled tanks are used.

" Sectional Water Tanks Proposal Form "

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