Polyethylene is one of the oldest polymers of thermoplastics. Initially, it has been produced as Low Densitiy Polyethylene, but at the end of a historical development process three new members were added to the family: High Density, Linear Low Density, Medium Density Polyethylene. 

Currently, polyethylene is used in a wide range of fields. It is used in production of toys, home appliances, water tanks, carry bags etc as a result of introduction of new types of polyethylenes and improvement of polyithylene material quality.

Because of polyethylene material specifications such as durability, impact resistance, high workability and nonconductivity, polyethylene is used every aspect of our lives.

Polyethylene is one of the most resistant materials against chemical substances. Therefore, it does not react with most of chemicals. However, reaction of polyethylene with some chemicals depends on the density and heat of that particular chemical. For this reason, in case of using polyethylene products for storage of chemical substances, resistance of polyethylene against that particular chemical substance should be searched. In this sense, we recommend our Chemical Resistance Chart to be examined.

The volumes of water tanks to be used at apartments or houses is determined by municipalities with relevant regulations. Although it depends on the water resources situation and climatic conditions of that region, the chart below would give an idea related to the Daily Average Water Consumption per person.

Building Type                          Daily Average Consumption (L/person)

Houses                                                        90 – 130

Hotels                                                          120 – 160

Hospitals                                                     200 – 500

Schools                                                       5 – 10

Kindergartens                                            80 – 100

Day Care Centers                                     60 – 80

Military Barracks                                        60 – 80

Restaurants                                               20 – 100

Irrigation                                                    1,5 L/m²

Car wash                                                  100-150

The main factors that determine the selection of correct water tank are the intended purpose of use and the situation of installation place.

The best alternative for storage of potable water and fresh water is polyethylene water tank. The customer should ask the manufacturer whether the water tank to be purchased is food grade and UV stabilized or not.

For chemical material storage, the resin / raw material of the tank should be appropriate for storage of that particular chemicals to be stored.

For the storage of material or liquids with density above 1 gr/cm³, reinforced tanks (by material increment and thickness increment proportionally) should be selected.

In case of installation of tanks with high volumes at places with narrow entrances, the best alternative will be onsite assembled tanks. In this sense, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP or GRP) tanks are being used for many years as the most practical and easy to use solutions. In this application, unassembled body, side cambers and feet of the tank are transported to the installation place and assembly process takes place on site. The tank is ready to use the next day.

For the places with narrow entrances but high ceilings, pipe type vertical water tanks are good options.

The most common tanks used for rain water harvesting, effluent and septic implementations are fiberglass reinforced polyester water tanks. Another important point to be taken into consideration is that the tank should be reinforced adequately and the height of the manhole should be appropriate for the purpose of use. In this sense, the best method is to conceptualize the project and to design the tank accordingly.

Apart from all these, the tank should be corrosion free and the inner surface shold be cleanable with ease.

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