Karmod, the leading and innovative power of its sector in storage and special product solutions, started production of polyester water tanks in a small workshop in 1986. Today, its a leading company in its sector which manufactures a wide range of products in its modern manufacturing facilities.

Using polyester and polyethylene raw material, Karmod Plastic manufactures ready to use and eco-friendly products. R & D activities are concentrated on continuous improvement of product range and quality in an environment friendly approach. Karmod adopted the mentality of introducing innovational, functional and useful products with international standards and achievement of customer satisfaction as a principle.

Karmod aims to offer products to its customers with fair prices realizing reasonable precurements and internalizing a sustainable sense of quality.

Karmod Plastic manufactures a wide range of products that include: polyester and polyethylene water tanks, acid tanks, ready to use industrial tanks, polyester and polyethylene silos, on-site assebled underground and aboveground tanks, calf hutches, architectural decorative led pots and special products, pedal boats, road barriers, textile carts ( textile trolleys).

Morevove, Karmod offers special solution partnreships to automotive, contstruction and similar sectors.

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