If you are looking for a practical and economical option for an underground septic tank, Karmod’s under ground septic tanks made from polyethylene are the best options for you. Plastic below ground septic tanks are easier to install and have the same durability as other options such as frp (fiberglass tanks) or concrete tanks. You can connect multiple tanks parallelly or serially, so that you have the chance to increase the total volume adding new tanks to the system or decrease the total volume removing some of existing tanks.

Karmod’s polyethylene underground tanks are manufactured from best quality special polyethylene with high standard UV stabilizers. They meet waste water treatment tank standards. Our polyethylene raw material is foodgrade, so Karmod’s below ground plastic tanks can be used for fresh water storage too. Apart from this, you can use our tanks for chemical storage, diesel storage, fuel oil storage, rain water harvesting, sewage water treatment etc.

Karmod’s underground polyethylene tanks are very strong thanks to their deep ribbing feature in order to permit below-ground installations. Besides that the wall thickness can be increased for storage of liquids up to 2 gr/cm³ density. You can also fix polyethylene, PVC or brass inlet – outlet fittings wherever you want on the tank as per your project requirements.

You can deploy Karmod’s polyethylene undergruond tank to almost everywhere; in the garden of your house, at the construction yard of your new building, near the cabin at your cropland where there is no city sewage system or at the garden of your factory where you intend to harvest rain water.

Basic advantages of Karmod’s plastic septic tanks are;

  1. Rustproof, corrosion resistant and water tight.
  2. More economical compared to concrete or frp tanks.
  3. Can be installed almost everywhere, where it is impossible to build a concrete septic tank.
  4. Less weight, easy transportation and easy installation compared to other options.
  5. Less prone to cracking or freezing issues under (-)°C degrees.

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