Frost Free Waterers

Karmod’s new polyethylene freze proof cattle waterers provide clean, fresh water to the cattles in livestock farms under all kinds of climatic conditions.

Karmod’s livestock water bowls are manufactured by food grade polyethylene resin. Karmod’s frost free drinkers have a double-skinned and foam-filled structure so that they provide heat insulation (prevent water from freezing in cold weather and from warming up in hot weather). Furthermore, it has a high impact resistant structure that can be used in livestock farms safely.

Karmod’s double ball frost free waterer is equipped to be connected to mains water line. Two cattles can dring water at the same time from the cow waterer. It can meet the water requirement of 25 cattles with a water supply of 2 bar pressure.

Freeze proof livestock waterer dimensions:

Capacity: 80 L
Width: 72 cm
Height: 54 cm
Length: 101 cm

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